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About Us

Torsak and Katie We are unique because we are a Thai-American family living in Thailand. We lead these trips because we would like to see travelers and Thais make a real connection. Ours is the only company in Thailand that offers bike tours in this remote area. We make sure our guests have a lot of fun while acquiring a deeper understanding of this fascinating region and its people.

      One World Bicycle Expeditions:
  • Support the local economy
  • Encourage respect for the indigenous culture

  • Torsak Tiparos and Katie Murray, your guides, interpreters and bike mechanics, are eager to introduce you to the freedom and ease of bicycle touring in Thailand with its unspoiled countryside and openhearted people.

    Katie, who began her bicycling career in 1988 by leading a cross-USA tour, has lived and worked on the Thai-Lao border since 1989 and has had extensive experience cycle touring in Thailand. She is intimately acquainted with its people, language and culture and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.

    Katie and Torsak on bikesA pioneer cycle tourist in this region, Torsak grew up beside the Mekong River and is dedicated to preserving its vanishing culture. His easygoing style and imperturbable nature perfectly suit him to guide you on your journey.

    Since 1990 when they met (on their bicycles), Torsak and Katie have been biking, traveling and working together in Thailand and the USA. Their most recent bicycle expedition took them to the border of Tibet, exploring the Mekong's route through Thailand, Laos and China. They currently split their time between Portland, Maine and Northeast Thailand where they welcome travelers from around the world to their traditional Thai home.

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