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What People Say About Us

Photo: workers in rice field
"Great overview of Thai Culture and customs. There is a little something for everyone. You guys are great

"You have been more thorough, thoughtful, and caring than anyone we have traveled with before. We love the Thailand you've introduced us to."


"Thank you for a great ride and unforgettable experience!"

"All in all, an excellent trip. It really gave a wonderful feel for the Thai people and country. You have a gem waiting to be discovered. Thanks for sharing it with us!"

"This tour was very different from any (cycling or non-cycling) tour I've ever done. It was an outstanding opportunity to meet the Thai people, eat with them, sleep in their homes, and get to know their friendly and easygoing nature. Every moment there was something interesting to see or participate in, which, without your guidance, I would have just passed by without even noticing. I personally appreciate and am very grateful for the special efforts to meet my demands regarding the food while still enabling me to enjoy the Thai cooking."

Photo: biker with Thai man"Great from planning stage through last day. I would recommend to others!"

"The activities, trip route, etc. all work together to yield a great travel experience. Thanks so much for a special introduction to your country!"

"Without a doubt, what I have enjoyed most has been the people. Not only our competent guides and gracious hosts, but also the total strangers who call out "Hello" or quietly smile or enthusiastically invite us to join them."

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